Funeral Services


Funeral Services

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Funeral Services

Lovely floral arrangement on wood casket.

We provide our funeral services all over Greece and in Cyprus via our reliable Cypriot partner.

We offer a wide variety of quality funeral services at affordable prices, with respect to people of all cultures, faiths and beliefs. We strive to meet each family’s unique needs and to prepare a ceremony which accurately represents who the person was.

Funeral services :

  • Wide selection of coffins ranging in price, style, and material.
  • Mortuary toilet, thanatoaesthetics and embalming.
  • Dressing with clothes chosen by the family or with a funeral gown.
  • Cemetery arrangements : acquisition of a grave site or reopening of the existing grave.
  • Funeral service in church, chapel or gravesite.
  • Floral arrangements.
  • Funeral Notices notifying the public of the passing and memorial service.
  • Religious memorial and celebratory gatherings
  • Selection of a headstone and framing, inscription and decoration of the headstone
  • At the expiration of the burial plot, exhumation of the deceased
  • Placement of the bones in an ossuary
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