Repatriation Of Human Remains


Repatriation Of Human Remains

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Repatriation Of Human Remains From And To Greece

MKASSIST – KALOUMENOS FUNERAL AND REPATRIATION SERVICES is specialized in funeral services and in repatriation of human remains worldwide.

full repatriation services

  • Immediate collection of the remains from its original death location. Transportation by hearse or by a special van for more discretion if for example death occurs in a hotel.
  • Preparation of the remains (embalming, mortuary toilet, thanatoaesthetics, dressing). It is performed by qualified professionals and with the utmost care and respect.
  • Facilitate family and friends to bid farewell to their beloved.
  • Perfect knowledge of the requirements of each country and collaboration with the embassy or consulate for the appropriate paperwork.
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repatriation services

  • Provision of a wooden, zinc lined, coffin and shipping casket in accordance with the Air Transportation (IATA) rules.
  • Sealing of the coffin by the National Health Authority.
  • Issuance of all necessary documents and authorizations.
  • Translation into the language of the destination country.
  • Completion of customs and airport formalities.
  • Reservation of the flight to the requested airport, within the shortest possible time.
  • Liaise with the consignee for the transportation of the deceased to the final destination.
  • All formalities for repatriation of urn (human ashes) or casket (for human bones or skeleton).
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